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Catherine Leach

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Family Law is a fascinating area of our legal industry as each case has a different level of emotion and unique factors that have been brought forward by each case. We have spoken to lawyers before that steer away from Family Law because it is very taxing on the mind and wellbeing. Our next guest has had her own Family Law firm for 18 years and walks us through the challenges and the behind the scenes of divorce, separation, and conflict resolution.

Catherine Leach is the Principal at Leach Legal Perth’s largest Family Law firm and has been a lawyer herself for 30 years. Catherine has seen it all and has a particular way of dealing with and processing a dispute or a case that has been presented to her. Very quickly Catherine also debunks the myths that we might have when it comes to divorce such as the number of relationships that part ways is not at the 50% as suggested. The link to the property market is a real revelation.

“Family Law is tied to the property price… when the property market is up so is the divorce rate. If you are going to part ways you want to part with something.”

 Carmen mentioned early in the podcast the need for lawyers in the media and how difficult they can be to find. Lawyers in their nature are busy and time poor. Catherine while does not lock away time in her schedule to write content certainly sees it as an important part of her working day. The content that is resonating with people is her leadership and personal pieces on LinkedIn because she is able to put a lot more of her in each post. Something that is exceedingly rare with lawyers.

“People can relate to you more as a lawyer when they can relate to you as a human.”

An amazing insight into this fantastic legal practitioner and also the industry that she works in. We tap into the myths and the perceptions of an area of law that we all hope that we do not go down the path of. Catherine shares amazing advice from a divorce lawyer on what it takes to make a successful relationship with your partner which I can assure you is so valuable. The media loves lawyers as experts but the emotion and stories that a family lawyer can deliver has even greater demand.


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