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Cassie Silver

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It wasn’t that long ago that our guest on the Experts Podcast was a face that you will remember as a journalist on the very popular television current affairs program Today Tonight. Her journey has taken her on a new path to work behind the scenes telling other stories but there was one story that she needed to tell. Her own. This very brave woman has documented and recorded her challenges and trials of getting pregnant and starting a family. It is one of the most personal stories that is told that has an incredible response with those that are experiencing similar issues.

Cassie Silver is in the studio talking to Carmen and Nic and it doesn’t take long before you start to hear the raw emotion in the storytelling of this former journalist and now content producer for brands via her own production company Silver Lining & Co. There is even the occasional interruption from the very joy that Cassie will describe has her greatest accomplishment, her son Stan. Cassie started a podcast “What to expect when you are injecting?” a focus on infertility, IVF, miscarriage, health, and motherhood. A very raw and authentic podcast of the emotions, the tragedy, the wins, the real issues that a family experiences. It has been so powerful.

One of the great messages amongst many that we get to hear from Cassie is her determination to deliver authentic stories that we all can take on board in our own content production. Her podcast is a classic example of that but that has now carried over into her work as a ‘storyteller’ for her clients across a broad section of sectors. The quality of the work improves, and the audience can connect with real storytelling in a very deep and meaningful way. The personal touch is very special, a very human story is so powerful. If you can do this as an expert with your content, then you will be successful.

It’s very hard not to get emotional around this topic and the feedback that Cassie has received over her time has made it all that more rewarding. What did start as an exercise of helping her get through the experience by doing a podcast has been a support for people all over the world. The bravery to be so open, so candid about something so private is an inspiration to so many. It is fascinating that Cassie’s job was always to tell other people’s stories, but it was her own that has changed everything.

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