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Carms & Nic discuss how you can become a media asset

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No guest this week as Carmen and Nic discuss the very question that most business owners and communicators ask us the most.

How do I become a media asset? Someone that the media goes to, seeks their opinion and advice. A person that is trusted and professional in their delivery to the media. This is something that many are aspiring to do.

The three best pieces of advice that Nic and Carmen share are dissected and expanded upon for all to benefit from. Some will surprise, some will be quite simple, and others are a mindset that will need work. The theme though is very achievable for all who put a little work into it.

Come and join Carmen and Nic’s best tips. Come into the Expert Podcast classroom and let’s get to work making you the best media asset you can be. There is homework for listeners to do and we hope that you enjoy this classic banter between the broadcaster and the PR professional.


The Experts powered by Media Stable · Carms and Nic discuss how you can be a Media Asset


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