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Carmen & Nic discuss ChatGPT

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While the whole world has been going crazy for ChatGPT over the last few months it is really challenging almost all sectors of business, industry, government and social aspects of our day-to-day life. Artificial Intelligence or AI as it is known has been around for a while but never has it been so accessible to everyone and a price that is just right. FREE!

Nic and Carmen have a closer look at the feasible aspects of the software in the communications space and identify the challenges of using it and ignoring it. Of course we know about the threat it is to the education industry with its ability to write essays but what does it mean to everyday businesses that are trying to standout in this already mountain of content?

Media Stable has made a very clear decision to not use AI in any of its content to media and both Carmen and Nic discuss its shortcomings and its major one lacking human connection. The website will get smarter and that’s why they are letting us all access it for free so that it can learn from people and improve. It has many deficiencies as detailed in the podcast but it does have some positives that could help time poor or those lacking inspiration.

All of the major search engines are integrating this into their platforms. It is going to be here whether you ignore it or not. The message is simply this everything you put out there reflects you and your brand. Just because it is easy does not mean that it is good. The quality and authentic content created by a human will always shine over the content that has been constructed by a machine.

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