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Carmen Braidwood

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After a very successful podcast with Emily Morgan on writing long form and Opinion Editorials we wanted to continue with that theme and chat to an expert on the delivering the perfect television cross. We have one of the best in the game with our very own Carmen Braidwood. One of the most nerve wrecking experiences for any person looking to engage media is the LIVE TV cross or the in-studio interview. Even the very best at it feel the tension, the nerves, the sweats, and can fall into a complete mess when confronted with a camera and microphone.

Carmen has been in front of the media lens and microphone almost all her working career. She has a very successful training program that can turn the novice to professional in a relatively short time. Carmen has worked in radio and television and continues to do so as a commentator and even this morning was doing a LIVE cross to the Weekend Today Show so you know her advice is real, current, and of the highest quality. Carmen was even able to help out Nic with a few issues he has had recently on TV.

The podcast is full of advice, tips, trends and practical exercises that you can do to improve your television performance. The reality is that this opportunity doesn’t present often so when it does you want to be delivering your very best. From sitting down, facial positioning, to what you are wearing and what you might be preparing for. This podcast will certainly get you ready for that next television interview.

The hottest tip in this podcast is practicing and there lots of ways to do this today. We all have a phone, and you can use that to record yourself so that you can playback to see what others will see. It might be a flinch, a body or facial reaction, struggling to get words or the like. Practicing will help you get to where you want to go because even the best in media is always practicing. The podcast is for all that are in the media and those that are trying to get there.

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