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Carla Thomas & Calum O’Connell

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Our two guests this week have been forging ahead with their own podcast and it was wonderful to get their insights into how they include this in their very lives. They are fitness and well-being experts that have bonded like siblings with a view to help and support those in their industry. They aren’t natural broadcasters, but they have built quite a rapport with each other that they sound like they have been doing this for a decade.

The host of the C-Word podcast is Carla Thomas and Cal O’Connell, and they sit down with Nic and Carmen to have a chat before they kicked off the start of their podcasting year. You immediately get a sense that these two know each other so well. They both complement each other’s experience, knowledge, and views with an intelligent, witty, and entertaining approach.

They are such enthusiastic individuals that you can see why they get so much from each other and the guests they have on their show. They bring them to life by making them the heroes of the podcast like all good broadcasters and hosts do. This is impressive when you consider they have had extraordinarily little media experience. Carla is starting to make an impact with mainstream media, but it isn’t what they have been trained to do. They are a fresh and new voice for new generation that are very health focussed.

Finding sponsors, finding time, finding guests, and dare I say it the motivation to deliver a podcast on a regular basis is difficult. Their grit and determination that these two possess is what others should be aspiring for when telling their stories. You will hear that they questioned themselves on the ‘why’ and for what? Nic makes a point with both Carla and Cal that do more podcasts without guests because they are particularly good on their own. You can be sure you will be hearing more from both Carla and Cal.

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