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Bryn Edwards

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This podcast reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where they pitch their idea of a show about nothing. A TV show pitching their TV show to the network is brilliant. This is basically #TheExpertPodcast on what you need to do on podcasting. It really is a fun chat with a person who has been doing long form podcasts for close to four years. Just the fundamentals of getting a podcast right from the beginning is so important for anyone that is looking to start this very powerful medium.

Bryn Edwards is a podcasting expert with his own long form podcast WA Real and runs a project called the Legacy Project. Long form isn’t for everyone, but it is a difference in the market that is saturated with short form. The disciplines that you will get from Bryn here are GOLD and you will get the very key tips and advice on making the experience a special one. One that will benefit you, the person being interviewed and just as important the audience that you are looking to engage.

There is close to 500 podcasts between the three people on this special edition of #TheExpertsPodcast. The experience and knowledge here are critical for those that are both either a beginner or have been doing this for a while. The issues and the challenges faced are what you have or likely have faced. The solutions and ideas here are here for you to work with.

You will benefit from the art of podcasting here. Lots of brilliant advice from an outright expert in this space. Such a fun podcast on podcasting. If you are looking for advice, support or even a podcasting studio reach out to us at Media Stable.


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