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Beverly Ligman

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Divorce and marriage breakups are a reality today that does not seem to be as big a deal as it once might have been but that is different if you are going through it. There is still stigma that comes with divorce and our guest today walks through the very elements of a relationship break up in her book Welcome to D-Town. A remarkably close and personal book that traverses through life after a divorce and guide to walk through the various stages of life after marriage.

Beverly Ligman is an author, storyteller, journalist, and a media engagement manager at Media Stable. Most journalists will put down the writing of a book as goal, but Bev did not from the outset see this as her first book. No one goes into a marriage expecting it to break up, but the odds are not great. The book was cathartic for the author who wrote it to help others that might benefit from her experiences.

The team explores the disciplines of drafting a book. It is something that many experts aspire to do, and Bev speaks of her experience writing, publishing, promoting the book. It is a lot of demanding work, and you need to go into it with the right mindset. The experience and the result certainly open doors and new opportunities that we do not normally get.

There are fantastic storytelling tips in this podcast from the content creator Bev who shares her own experiences as a lifestyle journalist and driver of stories for members of Media Stable. The collection of experiences across different jobs and media houses has made Bev a better storyteller. We are the result of our experiences and while Bev’s first book would not have been what she was dreaming about as a young journalist you can be sure there will be more books coming from this author.

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