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Awards under the spotlight with Mia Fileman

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When our guest posted a video on social media that was irking her in the industry of communications and marketing, we knew we had to get her back on the podcast. In her own words we can plan and construct posts that we hope to get attention, but it is often a personal message, rant almost on practices by others that will get the most attention. The awards Industry is making a lot of money out of naïve and susceptible people who are just looking to compete. What can you do to protect yourself and call out this disturbing trend.

Well respected marketer and communications expert Mia Fileman of Campaign Del Mar called out the poor behaviour of the awards that multiple industries are involved in. It is in the same space as a pay to play model that Nic has been very passionate fighting in the ‘fake media’ sites promoting businesses in a perceived earned media space. The same for Awards where you don’t get a look in if you don’t pay for the social media tiles, advertising or support in some way financially.

The team aren’t anti-Awards. The Telstra Business Awards and excellence Awards that are promoted by reputable associations are still what all businesses should be aspiring to win. It’s the Awards that there are no disciplines, no quality control, no assessment and in some cases no application that we want to see phased out. Also, the behaviour of those that have paid for the Award to stop pretending and deceiving their audiences that they are Award winners.

A full-on chat where we have tried not to name or call out anyone, but you will be the best judge of what a fake award is and what isn’t. We at least give you some good parameters to work through this quite murky behaviour that is preying on the weak and maybe less deserved. All that said there are genuine and amazing Award winners, but potential recipients will have to do their homework to keep their reputation and their budgets in check.

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