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Ashleigh Jade

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The life of an influencer isn’t all parties and glamour. It is demanding work. What happens behind the social media posts is a full production of content design, delivery and follow up. We do get caught up in the perfection of the online world but when brands are paying you to deliver a message the stakes are high. However, it doesn’t stop at getting the content out, there’s also managing and engaging the audience.

Ashleigh Jade is an influencer and an Instagram coach. She has taken her audience and built a business that communicates to her engaged audience of 111K Instagram followers and 1.3M in the Facebook community. Brands and businesses engage Ashleigh to support, endorse or create content around a message or product.

There are a lot of people running around calling themselves influencers who are just looking for free products and services, but there are very few that have managed to commoditise it like Ashleigh. When you listen to the passion and energy that Ashleigh has for her network you can see why brands are keen to collaborate with her. The engagement is high, the quality of work is exceptional, and the results keep businesses returning.

In the glossy world of social media where everything is perfect and air-brushed it is wonderful to discover a true and authentic character like Ashleigh. Her giving nature has also made her a sought-after coach to others that are looking for help and support in starting their influencer and social media careers. You’ll be in incredibly capable hands if you are working with this astute businesswoman.

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