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Ashleigh Goodchild

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Property and real estate are always going to make it into media because it just reaches all audiences. When we sat down with our next guest the team discovered that she could have her own show ‘CSI Property’ that investigated the properties for fault, issues, problems, or compatibility for clients particularly those purchasing from afar. This sounded like so much fun and that is just a small part of what this expert does.

Ashleigh Goodchild is an investor advocate, property manager, business owner, podcaster, founder of the PM Collective and that’s just her business life. At home there is six children and Carmen calls her the Carol Brady of the real estate industry. Ash is tireless and organised to a level that would make a President of a country blush. You will discover as you listen through the podcast that it is the joy that she finds in her work that doesn’t make it work at all.

“There’s not one thing in my working week that I don’t enjoy doing.”

Ash is a content engine that is producing enormous amounts of content to share with her networks. Her use of YouTube and short videos are fast, sharp and to the point without being over-produced. They are very real and authentic that have such an impact. The podcast PM Collective Podcast is a focus on the property management industry and the people that work within it. Something that didn’t exist before.

There’s a lot for listeners to take away from this podcast. This is important content for all experts that might be struggling for content ideas, time, inspiration, motivation, or just enjoying what you do take a leaf out of Ash Goodchild’s book. You can hear it in Ash’s voice that she loves what her work and it is that joy that makes her such an approachable and successful businessperson.

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