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Antony DiMase

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This week we have an architect on the Experts Podcast and it is a massive call out to all in any of the professional services that you need to be getting out there and making yourself known. It is amazing considering that most of what is around us and in our daily lives in some form an architect was responsible for this and yet they are the least represented in the media. There is so much to talk about with the built environment and the sustainability of the industry that is so important because we live in the world they have designed.

Antony DiMase is an architect that has such a drive for sustainable building and an interest in urban politics which is why have we built this where we have built it. There is so much to talk about in this space and yet, so few are doing it. Nic challenges Antony on three issues without notice and you can see what a great media asset Antony is in his ability to respond on hot issues that relate to us all. He has an opinion and a view that is very easy to understand that fits with the media’s requirements.

You will hear in Antony’s voice that he is considered, and he has a strong well thought out opinion. He has the ability to think on his feet and this is a great example of how other professionals in his field and similar fields could be making their mark if they are prepared to put their thumbprint on their industry. It is so important that the real experts get up and make their position known.
“Anyone that does a building project is making a statement about their future, about the communities future… the people that are doing it are entrepreneurs, they are visionary.”

A fantastic chat with someone that we were very engaged with and one that you the listener will find enjoyable because it is all about our homes, future homes, and the city that we live in. Antony is a natural media performer that speaks in simple language and is a very good storyteller. A lesson for all experts is that he has taken an industry that he loves so much and communicates it so well.

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