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Anton Guinea

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Safety in the workplace is a topic that is constant in all media right across the country. There is rarely a day or a week that goes by where we don’t hear of a tragic death, an unfortunate accident or a company that is neglectful when it comes to the safety and duty of care for their workers. Safety strategies and measures are in place to protect people in their working environment and in many cases protecting them from themselves.

Anton Guinea is a workplace safety leadership expert, and he has a backstory that is at the very heart of his mission to make safety front of mind. When he was just 21, he was faced with a near-death event as an electrician. It is this story that motivates and inspires Anton every day in his work with businesses, to allow and encourage leadership in the field of safety. It is a very different philosophy in that it empowers and enables people to speak up particularly where safety is concerned.

Anton is a character who is motivated, passionate and has a level of energy that is infectious. The media loves these traits in an expert’s interview, as it brings to life the issue of the day. One of the frustrations noted in Anton’s podcast was that safety concerns only seem to be raised after an accident or a death has occurred. Anton sees it as an important responsibility to educate and raise awareness about safety as a priority moving forward.

Another safety topic getting enormous attention is bullying and sexual misconduct in the workplace which puts workers at risk psychologically. This kind of behaviour is now being called out with bravery and Anton sees this as an extremely important safety issue for workplaces in the future.


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