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Andrea Burns

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When you want to understand what the future of media looks like you need to go to where they start. You need to go to the nursery where emerging students today are going to be the media of tomorrow. Our guest this week teaches these students to be broadcasters, newsreaders, journalists, announcers and anything that takes their fancy in the media sector. The success rate of this course is through the roof, and we get to sit down with the person that runs the program.

Andrea Burns is the course Coordinator of the Graduate Diploma of Broadcasting and herself an award-winning journalist, a speaker, a trainer and media commentator. You will hear Andrea describe this as the job that brings her such great joy. The course has such a rich history of stewardship that Andrea details, but it is her own course now.

We get a chance to go through what are the individual’s characteristics of those looking to work in media. It isn’t just for the youth as there a lot of mature students looking to change up their career path. Life experience is valuable for a broadcaster as you can reach into a greater toolkit of options when it comes to working in the media. Some former students are mentioned and where they have come from, their experiences, their challenges and what they have been able to achieve.

The key to being a good journalist is to be curious. The two characteristics of a future broadcaster is to demonstrate enthusiasm and potential when applying for the course. Right now, the applications are open for the course, and it is a destination course because of its success rate and the practical experience that you get. When listening to Andrea you can hear the passion and the drive that she has inside her belly to continue the success of this remarkable program.

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