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Amy Jacobson

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Intelligent, emotional or both?

Human behavior and mindset expert Amy Jacobson was questioning her value to media from the beginning, when she first launched and came along to a #MeetTheMedia event. The look from media when Amy mentioned what she does was one of dismissal and the eyes glazed over. Sometimes it takes an event or a moment in time for an expertise to shine.

Along came a pandemic and now everyone needs and is listening to this expert. We have seen some of the best and worst of human behavior during COVID-19 and our mindset is in desperate need of a lift and new focus. Media adores experts who can educate their audience by simplifying important behaviours.

Emotional Intelligence carries a bit of baggage – the interpretation is not what it seems.  Do we naturally have it?  And can it be taught?  Amy explains our very basic human behavior and how you can achieve emotional intelligence. You need to want to learn and apply it, and funnily enough, you also need to apply these drivers when working with media.

A recent post by Amy on LinkedIn about ‘the quiche vs the egg and bacon pie’ was another beautiful example of emotional intelligent communication.  It highlights how we need to communicate more effectively to our audience – it’s not about us!  The post was shared over 400 times.

Our chat with Amy is fascinating, entertaining and highly educational. We talk about some of our leaders including the WA Premier Mark McGowan and the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and discuss the way they have dealt with recent challenges.

We have even worked out Nic is (on occasions) emotionally intelligent!

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