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Amrita Sidhu

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Earlier in the year we covered off the 2023 Media Landscape Report that is put together annually by Medianet and in that podcast we only covered the journalist research that gave us intelligence how the media were going. This podcast today is all about the public relation professional, the communicator, the PRO, the flack that is looking after a business and brand that needs to tell their story. The report is fascinating reading with insights that might just reinforce your beliefs and remind you of the challenges that the industry faces both from a personal and business perspective.

Amrita Sidhu the Managing Director of Medianet joins Nic on the podcast again to talk through the findings of the report with the focus on the public relations industry. This report covers everything from burnout to exclusives, from relationships to embargoes, from salaries to top story sources. It is an action-packed podcast covering off the key concerns of the communications industry and its desire to reach best practice.

The wonderful news for the PR industry is that the media release still plays a very important role in the sources that media uses for their platforms. This rated in number two just behind direct relationships that media uses to source their content. If you have been feeling the pressure, feeling out of sorts, or just looking for some confirmation about some the practices that you have in place as communicators. The talking points in this podcast will scratch your itch as they are what 300 communications professionals have raised as their challenges, concerns and goals.

Some of the great lines that were raised in the podcast from the research “quality of pick up is more valued than quantity” hits home as the communications industry has matured and doesn’t just look at volume. Another hot tip for the PR professionals for which many are practicing is that “PRs need to think like journalists” and with 35% of the industry having a start in journalism this is happening all the time. The 2023 State of the Media Report is available to all and is available in the link below and tickets for #MeetTheMedia are on SALE now with links below.

To access the 2023 Media Landscape Report and others: Resources | Medianet
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