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Amberlea Henriques

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The new world of AI and chatbots is seriously getting some energy and traction not just with the big boys in town but it is even more accessible for small to medium organisations. The world of chatbots have developed so much in recent years and aren’t the annoying pop ups that many will remember being a major nuisance. The advancements have been made, the fees and investment in the technology have become more feasible and more importantly the consumer at the other end is getting more comfortable talking to a chatbot.

Amberlea Henriques is the founder of Adsocial and has taken the path of marketing that specialises in chatbots and messaging automation. Having started as a marketing company has headed down this niche as there is a larger demand for this technology and software for businesses that are looking for a successful automation marketing campaigns that work. Amber has a deep passion for making automation more personal.

We get onto the promotion and marketing of the business that does require you to be more personal and not automated. Media and podcasting Amber seems very comfortable with but there is an element of business development that is holding her back. Live appearances and in-person presentations scares our guest today and the team sees this as one of the keys to future success for this business. This is an area no doubt Carmen will be able to help Amber out with.

The future is here and a customised experience in the space of chatbots is not out of reach for businesses from all levels. When it comes to being available for your customers in their time you are going to win with this if t is done well. There is also a very clear message from the podcast that this is just one element of marketing and communication campaign. Humans still like to talk to humans, but the convenience is certainly an attraction to both business and consumer.

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