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Amalie Schreurs

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This weeks’ guest on the Experts Podcast will resonate with you, particularly if you are good at what you do but not so good at telling people the how, why, and what you do. This marketing business is six years old but only has had a website for the past eighteen months. It is the classic case of the Michelin star chef going home and having cheese on toast for dinner. The other fascinating element of this podcast is that it is a digital agency that looks after junior miners. Not the easiest of industries to get media for.

Amalie Schreurs is the Managing Director and Founder of investor relations firm White Noise Media. it’s safe to say that she completely floored Nic with the news that her website is only a recent addition to the business. It is something that a lot of businesses do – they serve their clients to the best of their abilities and sometimes forget to follow their own advice. A little different to the Media Stable practice what you preach approach.

It has worked for White Noise, and they have built a very impressive portfolio of clients through referrals and successful campaigns. It is not the normal approach but daring to be different can certainly pay off if you are enthusiastic and disciplined. The team get down to what it takes be a successful communicator and promoter of a business, and ‘relationship’ is always prominent in every discussion. Both client and supplier need to be aligned in their values.

Both Carmen and Nic get so much from talking to communications agencies as each have their individual styles, expertise, methods, and tips. Amalie has a strong ‘staff first’ approach to her work in that she enables them to get the best from them. Clients and audience connection is at the heart of every piece of content produced and relationship made, and it is a great message for all businesses to do the same.

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