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Ally Polishchuk

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One of the mysteries for many communicators and brands is the use of social media particularly if they are north of 50 years of age. It isn’t what we have grown up with but many have managed to get a grasp of the key elements of the different platforms. The use of Reels on Instagram is quite special for engagement, connection, awareness and reach. Carmen does training for this kind of work but Nic is a complete novice. It is time to bring in an expert.

Ally Polishchuck is a reel’s trainer and content producer and as Nic discovered through the podcast that Aly has a traditional producer approach to all her content. In a former life a producer for news media that understands and know how to hold your attention. All her content is audience focussed with very clear messages and goals. There is nothing really left to chance with the content produced and it is this background and mindset that we all have to apply.

Ally is very open with her advice and her tips to making high quality content that isn’t expensive or out of the reach of the average business owner. Australia particularly is behind the rest of the world, but this is an opportunity not something that should be holding us back. It is your time now. Ally pushes and promotes the personal brand over the business brand which really connects with the team because they have certainly been onto this for a long time.

A really smart chat on social media and being social. The truth bombs that go off in many cases will be known but are great reminders for all of us to make sure our posts are genuine, authentic, real, and have engagement with the right audience. There is some producing GOLD in this podcast for those posting on the socials but the key message here is bring more of you into your posts and less of your products and services.

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