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Alison Braun

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One of Australia’s best known Biggest Losers West Australian Alison Braun went on the show weighing 121kgs to come off weighing 66kgs. The weight loss was dramatic as was the emotional and mental challenges that came after the show. Alison for the first time 15 years later talks candidly with Nic and Carmen on The Experts Podcast about her experiences coming off the show, her relationships with her family, friends, and the public, that wanted to know her story.

A façade of confidence and happiness was put on by the woman who lost her only known identity overnight on a reality TV show because she managed to lose so much weight. Not to mention six months coming off the show she lost her husband to suicide. Inside Alison was frightened, confused, and suffering from an explosive case of imposter syndrome but that was protected by that very perceived confidence and commitment to the narrative that you are thin so you must be happy.

Alison isn’t a victim and isn’t looking for sympathy. It has been some time since her regular outings in the media, her strolls down a red carpet. That has all taken a back seat as the years have passed. The key message that any listener will get from this is that you do need to look after yourself if the media and exposure takes on a life of its own. You can hear in Alison’s voice that she does have a story to tell and that her time is coming to tell it.

The mental and emotional strain is only recently something Alison can talk more freely about. An insightful chat with a remarkable resilient woman that is finding her voice to tell the true story that is about transformation. A transformation that does come at a cost and some amazing life learnings.

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