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Alex Martin

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In a brief period of time the next guest of the Experts Podcast has certainly made his mark in media circles across radio, print, online, and most recently a TV experience. As a leader of his law firm there he understands the importance of being the face and voice for his business to fill the case files of his colleagues. Media is not necessarily going to do this, but it does not hurt when it comes to being a known firm. It certainly helps you stand out.

Alex Martin is a commercial litigation expert and owner of Taurus Legal Management. It is rare to find a lawyer that has such a keen sense of marketing and communication for his industry is not really known to be so initiative taking in this space. Alex explains to Carmen and Nic where this drive comes from, but it is noticeably clear that Alex has a sense of obligation also to be contributing to media on behalf of his industry.

This is a classic podcast for all lawyers and professional services for that matter to have a listen and potentially follow the lead of Alex in positioning themselves as an expert in their field. It comes from a place where we can understand and learn from behind the scenes of a professional working with media. The mindset, the motivation, the planning, and the execution of that plan is at the highest level. Alex is keen, he is available, and is always looking to improve. His use of his media engagements and amplification of them in his circles is incredible and is certainly getting noticed.

“If you don’t do media, go and shake a lot more hands and do a lot more meetings.”

Many of us will have heard the saying “You are working too much in your business and not enough on it.” There is no way Alex can be accused of being this way with his business. His friendly, easy to understand way about him makes him a great ‘media asset’ for any media outlet that is looking for expert legal opinion. You will be certainly seeing more of Alex in the media.

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