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Adelaide Special – Leigh McClusky and Richard Miller

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We are doing things differently this week with no Carmen Braidwood on the show, but we have purposely headed down the South Australian link to the podcast. We have two superstars when it comes to media and branding but more importantly, they are local residents to South Australia. It’s no secret that Nic has moved to South Australia with his family and his goal is to understand South Australians. He has two of the best to work through this.

Leigh McClusky is a media giant in South Australia. The former television, radio and print guru is in the media training and public relations space these days. Richard Miller is the consummate marketer and entrepreneur that is doing amazing things in what was once called the ‘City of Churches’ which I don’t think you can call Adelaide anymore. These two are natural broadcasters and communicators and they have been doing what they love for a long time successfully.

There is something that is quite particular about doing business in this state. The strength of who you know over what you know is strong. There is a far more than necessary pre-occupation of where you went to school but there is a general consensus that if you are doing something well you also will do well. It’s a thin shell but once you genuinely break through it you are in. The state in general is quite conservative, risk adverse and take their time in decision making.

You will know Leigh in South Australia for her excellence in media and communications but what you might not know is that you can employ her to make you, your business, and your communications better. Richard our host for the podcast has a studio available for rent, has a branding platform for businesses to find their true purpose. Also, a communications specialist that has made Adelaide his home.

A great chat about being local, what you need to tell a local story and what some of the fun things you might want to address when you are looking to engage South Australians.

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