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Adam Voigt

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An educator that is one of us…

You might have heard me before at #MeetTheMedia say I am not a great fan of working with academics, partly because I don’t think they are great fans communicating via media to the general public. This education expert is one of my favourite not only because he delivers, he knows what media is looking for and he has a personality that you want to go and have a beer with after work. Even if he does barrack for Richmond Football Club!

A regular on Channel 10’s The Project, the key talk-back programs around the country and now an avid OP-ED writer for major newspapers around the country (particularly his home state of Victoria), Adam has certainly established himself as both a thought leader and media commentator on all things education. A former teacher, principal and now owner of an education consultancy called Real Schools allows him to have a very well rounded approach to education.

Adam is an outstanding commentator, with all the right traits – his anecdotes, his stories, his passion for education and his ability to connect with the hosts of the programs. His never-ending content engine continues to turn, and he always has an opinion backed with evidence and facts. His delivery to camera and a radio interview is very natural and unique. Adam has the ability to talk like both the principal, the teacher and the parent and it isn’t wrapped up in academic vernacular that neither the audience or journalist can understand. He has even a twang in his accent of ‘good bloke’ in him that even if you disagreed with what he had to say you’d still like him.

It’s a good thing that he does make more sense than most when it comes to education. He is respected for his contribution by his peers but more importantly the media and its audience welcomes what he has to say as he clearly outlines the issues with commentary and solutions. An expert that I very much enjoy watching and listening to. If you are a student of professional development in the space of media there is no greater lesson that the one given by Adam Voigt.

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