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Adam Di Tulio

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When you want to know the future of traditional media you can go to those that have always consumed it or you can go to those that are looking to be a part of it. You go to the student journalism students that are looking to make a career of it. What makes them tick? Why do they do they want to be a journalist? What draws young people to journalism and media?

This week on #TheExpertsPodcast we discussed journalism with student Adam Di Tullio. He is deep into his Postgraduate and spent some time with Media Stable to understand the behind the scenes of a communications company. We were very impressed with Adam’s appetite and desire to get a full understanding of the media cycle.

The very honest and really engaging chat with this intelligent young man and his journey in a very demanding course is such an eyeopener into a future journalist and producer. There is so many little tips for those that are looking to engage media by finding out what a students life looks like. The WAAPA course at Edith Cowan University is action-packed, full on and it is the most successful media course in the country with 100% employment rate for the students. There are not many University courses that can claim that.

The media today is vibrant, electric, fast-moving and journalists are doing a great deal more than they used to do a decade ago. Listening to Adam you can hear the energy, the enthusiasm and a sparkle that exists that comes from youth but also from an appetite to tell stories. At Media Stable we have always supported the students of today as they will be the journalists of tomorrow. As experts we should have the same attitude as you never know the student you are engaging might be the executive producer that calls you up again from a high rating breakfast radio show very soon.


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