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Aaron McDonald

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The media loves talking to lawyers and even more so in these times of COVID-19 when we’re all becoming familiar with Latin terms like ‘force majeure’.

It is a time of uncertainty and lawyers are trusted allies when businesses are going through significant disruption.

Aaron McDonald is the head of Pragma Legal and reveals what it means as a legal practitioner to be seen and heard in the media. For Aaron, it makes sense to invest both time and resources to amplify his expertise. One short interview on breakfast radio resulted in three calls and two significant contracts for the firm, after he was heard on the wireless.

He says each media engagement is a ‘media asset’ that is designed to keep you front of mind and can be relevant to an audience you are looking to influence.

This chat with Aaron helps to break down some of the stigma attached to lawyers and the legal sector, which can only be countered by getting out from behind the desk and representing as a strong advocate for his industry.


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