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2024 Medianet media landscape report with Amrita Sidhu

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The 2024 Media Landscape Report delivered by Medianet is a report all communicators, public relations and media professionals need to have a look at. The yearly report is a wealth of knowledge and background information into the media and public relations industry.

Amrita Sidhu the Managing Director of Medianet is back talking to us at The Experts to get her takeaways and observations from the report. The focus of the report was Artificial Intelligence. The emergence, the use, the concerns, the effects that AI will have on journalism and the industry. The data does demonstrate a real fear of the unknown here and at the same time some good that can come from it.

The report dives into a raft of topics including salaries, social media, the motivations of journalists, the sources of stories and where journalists get their content. There is a reinforcement of the past years to be fast and quick to the point in your pitch. There was also a very strong message coming from the journalists that they wanted the consumers to know that their work is done with integrity and quality was important to them.

The report is always fascinating with such a large pool of media personnel engaging this each year across digital, print, radio, TV and 11% of respondents are from the podcasting space. Amrita delivers a very thorough report each year that is relevant to the small business owner as it is to the international public relations firm.

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