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Which Media Stable profile is the right one for you?

There are four Media Stable expert profile packages to choose from and they have been designed to accommodate different needs and budgets.

In addition, everyone’s goals, support networks and capabilities vary and this article will help you navigate the four available options – Premium, Expert, Registry and the Media Personal Assistant (MPA).

Let’s walk through the packages to see which one would suit you.

Premium: Our most successful experts are operating under PREMIUM profiles. They are professionals who have generally had some media experience, but are looking to make a more profound impact. Many are time poor and are also looking for guidance and introductions. This profile is perfectly suited for the professional services sector where a need exists for some form of outside media management. It is also perfect for the less experienced media performer who needs one on one mentoring for content generation and media engagement. This is our most popular profile and gets real results.

Investment: $9K (plus GST) per year

VALUE: A 12 month mentoring and guidance program; specialist introductions; Free ticket to #MeetTheMedia; unlimited access to Media Board; assistance with content production.


Expert: This was the foundation profile that Media Stable launched eight years ago and still represents almost half of the experts in Media Stable’s database. It truly is the most cost effective means for getting you the expert, in the media. It comes with mentor support for the first three months but is designed more for the disciplined and self-motivated leader of industry. The Expert profile has had some amazing success, launching the media careers of many known experts today. With unlimited access to the media board this profile best suits the confident and goal-driven expert that has an appetite to be a go-to media commentator.

Investment: $4K (plus GST) per year

VALUE: 3 months mentoring and guidance program; unlimited access to Media Board.


Registry: This profile was originally designed for members of Media Stable that wanted to keep a profile LIVE in the system but not proactively engage media via the Media Board. It has proven to be quite successful for those that aren’t looking to engage media but would like to be called on for stories if their expertise is valid or required. Appearances on  TV, radio and on-line have resulted from being in the Registry but they aren’t as common as the above mentioned profiles. The Registry is designed to be the reserve line of experts who are willing to engage in a reactive way. At $500 plus GST it is a small investment to take your first step into the media.

Investment: $500 (plus GST); One-off payment

VALUE: Live profile for reactive media only; One free Media Board story, then an ongoing fee to access the Media Board.


Media Personal Assistant (MPA): The limited MPA program is designed for brands and leaders of industry that need much greater support and guidance. It is an extension of our Premium program, where you will have a journalist allocated to you to produce content in the form of Media Board entries, blogs, articles, newsletters, blogging and even magazine production. The total hours allocated will be dependent on requirements, desired outcomes and need. This step up from the Premium profile allows the business to have full access to the known media of Media Stable but also includes a journalist’s support to prepare and write quality content.

Investment: Starts from $30K (plus GST) per year

VALUE: Minimum 20 hours per month allocated across the Media Engagement team, FULL 12 month mentoring and guidance program; specialist introductions; Free tickets to #MeetTheMedia; unlimited access to Media Board; Content production across all forms of media from Media Board to blogging.


Did you identify yourself in any of these packages? There is more information on the website https://www.mediastable.com.au/for-experts/expert-profile-packages/

If you are interested reach out to Lanna Hill (lanna@mediastable.com.au) or myself (nic@mediastable.com.au) to find out more.

By Nic Hayes, Managing Director, Media Stable.

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