Joining Media Stable is a small investment for a large publicity and marketing return.

Choosing between a Registry, Expert or Premium Profile will depend on what you are looking for and whether you need extra support and services.

The Registry Profile is the first step to developing a media profile.  Over 700 journalists have access to search for you when they are looking for an expert to comment on a story.

The Expert Profile is our most popular annual subscription, designed for experts who have a desire to be in the media and have the time and ability to manage their own profile and produce their own ideas and content.

The Premium Expert Profile is a bespoke, tailored service that provides support to you in developing ideas, writing content and pitching this to target media throughout the year. This profile is designed for experts who want continual strategy and guidance.


  • Ongoing Media Stable profile
  • Assistance in profile building
  • Access to the Media Board for a small fee of $100 (+GST) per story
$500Plus GST


  • 12 month Media Stable profile
  • Assistance in profile building
  • 3 month media mentoring
  • Media board inclusion
$4,000Plus GST


  • 12 month Media Stable profile
  • Assistance in profile building
  • 12 month media support and guidance
  • Tailored media plan and strategy
  • Media board inclusion
$9,000Plus GST


  • Media support and guidance can be tailored towards your specific media strategies.
  • Our media engangement manager will assist in structuring your content delivery, assisting with media board submissions, pre-determining media introduction and more.
  • These packages are designed to individually cater to your needs.
  • Contact us for additional information and pricing