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Latest Experts

Megan Del Borrello

Director of Gloss Marketing Communications and Behind the Brands

Megan Del Borrello, Director of Gloss Marketing Communications and Behind the Brands has over 15 years marketing experience, specialising in social media and marketing strategy for small to medium enterprise.

Chris Zeiher

Lonely Planet’s Media Spokesperson and Sales & Marketing Director (APAC)

Chris Zeiher is APAC Media Spokesperson and Sales & Marketing Director for Lonely Planet – the world’s leading guidebook publisher and travel authority. A passionate traveller, avid reader and publishing advocate, Chris can provide expert comment and advice for travel and business media.

Tracey Loubser

Queen of Cashflow – Financial Performance Consultant to SME’s

Tracey Loubser has been dubbed the Queen of Cash Flow! Through her multi-award winning business, Confident Cashflows, Tracey has helped many business owners achieve higher profits & improve their cash flow.

Sara Hall

Professional Organiser and Personal Concierge from finerdetails.com.au

Sara taught herself how to live a clutter free organised life and has spent over 10 years helping others achieve the same. Whether it’s mind or physical clutter, Sara has a love of connecting and helping time-poor people with their ‘life admin’.

Nicole Reaney

Director of InsideOut Public Relations

Nicole has almost 20 years’ experience in corporate and consumer PR and Communications and is a leading industry media commentator across business, trade and consumer media. She is also founder of blogger management agency #AsSeenOn

Mahmood Hussein

CEO – Global Drone Solutions

Mahmood is a seasoned senior executive, leader, strategist & CASA certified drone pilot. He is the CEO of Global Drone Solutions, a certified remote piloted aircraft system operator and certified drone pilot training organisation. Mahmood is one of the most experienced and respected individuals in the drone industry and is the perfect commentator on the drone industry.

Alice Mabin

Photographer, author and entrepreneur

Al loves crafting the untold stories of people connected to the land, those who risk everything to grow and transport the food that sustains our nation. She tells amazing true-life stories of unsung heroes across Australia, creating nostalgia through photography, videography and books.

Darren Stevenson

Managing Director, Extend After School Care & childcare expert

Darren is a passionate educator with a desire to provide Australia’s best quality childcare for primary school aged children, and give them all the opportunities kids should have. He is extremely knowledgeable about childcare funding, budgets, child safety, pricing, government regulations, staff qualifications, and all other areas of school aged childcare in Australia.

Ky Furneaux

Stunt Performer, Survival Expert, Author, TV Host, speaker.

Ky is an award-winning international stunt performer who has appeared in over 50 films and TV productions. She is also an experienced outdoor guide, specialising in extreme survival and outdoor activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, sailing and mountaineering. She runs team building events and leadership programs aimed at goal setting and triumphing over adversity.

Christophe Barriere-Varju

Motorcycling Expert, Documentary maker and Speaker

Christophe Barriere-Varju grew up competing in Motocross and became a legend of one of the toughest challenges in motorsport, the Dakar Rally – which has been immortalised in the inspiring, award winning film Dream Racer. He is a fascinating speaker with a unique perspective, linking our mental, physical, emotional performance with the business world. Christophe can also speak about motor-cycling issues and safety.

Judy Cheung-Wood

Acne, skincare expert, inventor and Entrepreneur

Judy Cheung-Wood is the founder and managing director of SkinB5 – an innovative and natural way of fighting acne at its core using Vitamin B5 and other powerful skin health nutrients. Judy began developing her treatments in 2006, in a bid to help herself and other acne sufferers regain confidence with clear and naturally healthy skin. Judy can speak broadly about skincare and especially  the causes of acne, adult acne, teenage acne and how to treat acne through nutritional supplements.