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You got a media hit – what next?

You got a media hit – what next?

I’ve seen the scenario many times – a new expert gets their first media hit. They’re asked for a radio interview, TV spot or to make comment for a newspaper or online piece. They are flushed with success and can’t wait to relay the news to family, friends and colleagues. Sometimes they have the newsprint copy of their appearance to have and hold. Other times it’s the ephemeral moment of radio or TV. Or perhaps there’s a link to an online piece.

What happens next is intriguing.

Some will over-analyse, count every um, ah or stutter, hear their recorded voice and swear off media forever. Others will rush headlong to the next engagement without a second thought, confident in their ability to conquer the world. And there are the reflective experts – they’ll take stock, ask for advice on how they can improve and move to their next engagement, armed with a little more ammunition. I would recommend you take the reflective expert pathway.

But there’s often some very important things many first-time experts and experienced experts don’t do.

Here’s a checklist of the next steps to take after every media engagement:

  1. First and foremost, after the engagement, make a point of asking for an Mp3, a hyperlink, a notification of publication or Mp4 of the video. If you don’t ask, more often than not, you don’t get.
  2. If you’re just beginning your media journey ask for feedback on your appearance once it’s completed. Ask the producer, journalist or presenter how you went. Seek feedback from some honest, neutral critics and don’t take anything personally! How did you come across? Were you confident and in control? Did you repeat certain “thinking” words or phrases? How well did you represent yourself and your brand? Even if you’re an old hand, the occasional “skills check” is still a worthwhile exercise.
  3. If you are happy with the media engagement and it’s representative of your skills, knowledge and brand, share it. If it’s not a great showcase of your ability, don’t share it – work on improving your next media hit to ensure it’s a shareable commodity.
  4. Now you have the media engagement in your “digital” hands. What next? If you have your own website or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn accounts, start sharing. Make sure you tag the media outlet you appeared in/on and pose a question or ask for feedback on your opinion. More often than not, you’ll have plenty of followers, friends and connections who’re willing to have their say.

Appearing in the media is one thing, correctly leveraging your media appearances is another. Taking this commodity and utilising within your network, potential clients (and your family!) will take you and your media profile to a whole new level.

By John Solvander, Director of Media Engagement, Media Stable.

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