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Why the Media Board works

The Media Board is the cornerstone of Media Stable’s suite of offerings, and when we started 10 years ago, it was created to provide media with a mix of timely and interesting content from our then small, but rapidly growing stable of experts.

While it has evolved over the years, its purpose remains the same, and it’s an integral part of enabling our experts to communicate regularly and directly, with our 600 plus media subscribers.

The Media Board is sent to subscribers Sunday to Thursday nights across the whole gamut of media; from producers, presenters, print and online reporters, to freelancers and chiefs of staff. It’s sent at 8pm AEST so it’s in the media’s inboxes when they log-in first thing the next day. Surprisingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly) many subscribers open it the second it hits their inbox.

Anyone who uses Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) or email marketing campaigns would be familiar with some of the metrics that are used to measure the success or otherwise of your emails. Are they hitting the mark with your subscribers? What’s the open rate, unsubscribe rate or click rate? It’s invaluable intel.

The Media Board regularly surpasses a 60 per cent open rate which is quite extraordinary, when you compare it to the Public Relations industry benchmark EDM open rate of just 21.02 per cent. As an example, the media engagement team put together a special Media Board on Friday Sept 9,  with commentary on Queen Elizabeth II’s overnight death which had an open rate of 62.9 per cent and a click rate of 35 per cent. Most of those subscribers who opened that special board, did so in the first hour of it landing in their inbox.

So, why does the Media Board resonate with its media subscribers?

Firstly, it’s about the quality of the content and expertise on offer. Journalists have never been under more pressure to quickly come up with content plus expert commentary on issues in the media or subjects they’re tasked with covering. The Media Board provides those in spades on a daily basis, with full contact details and a comprehensive profile.

Secondly, the media trust the Media Stable brand, and by extension, they trust the experts presenting their views in it, because they know they’re qualified and have been vetted by our talented media engagement team.

Thirdly, the content is well written, it’s factual and the story pitches are short and snappy, which allows the media to scan a number of stories quickly and decide which one works for them.

Putting together the Media Board falls largely on the shoulders of our experienced and dedicated Melbourne based Media Engagement Manager, Suzi O’Dell. Suzi spends many hours each day prompting experts for timely content, editing stories, and curating the perfect mix of stories. Under Suzi’s careful and creative management, the Media Board’s open rate has soared, and the number of subscribers continues to build weekly.

We know the Media Board is opened daily by some of the most influential media in the country. It’s a unique calling card that puts an expert’s name, field of expertise and opinions, directly in front of the media’s biggest decision makers. So, if you’ve been procrastinating about writing a Media Board piece (we recommend one every 10 days) now’s the time to make it a priority.

Think of it this way… it’s 150 powerful words that could change the way your brand is perceived, building trust not just with the media, but with potential customers and clients all over the country.

By John Solvander, Media Engagement Director at Media Stable


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