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Why relationships are the cornerstone of Media Stable’s success.

We all know the teenage years can be tumultuous, and I say that as a dad of a teen and a tween, but as we fast approach the teenage years of Media Stable (we’re 12 in July) there’s a few questions I’m asked constantly by those in the industry.

It seems that businesses of all sizes are taking notice of what’s happening with the success rate of Media Stable’s experts in the media.

I’m often asked… how do you do it? What’s the secret? Who do you work with? What do you look for in an expert or brand? Why should I choose you over a traditional PR agency?

In short, there’s no secret sauce. Media Stable is built solidly on relationships and knowledge, which takes time and effort, both from my team and the experts themselves.

In short you must trust in the magic of the process, because the process works.

There’s no real proforma for someone that engages Media Stable. The relationship model that we’ve developed is and has always been a servant to the media that consumes it. Media Stable’s business model has always existed to serve the media.

Media across the country get access to our content and experts for free. When they use Media Stable’s content and our quality experts, then we’ve ‘killed two birds with one stone.’ It’s a platform that has been built on reputation, trust, and relationships and one I’m incredibly proud of.

So, who are Media Stable’s experts?

Our experts are business owners and individuals who want to raise their profiles in the media. Why? To share their expertise for the education of and greater good of the community. They’re keen to learn, develop, build, establish, and amplify their authority which in turn elevates and leverages their business and personal brands to a large audience.

They’ve made the decision to be part of platform that’s like no other. And the media engage them for the purposes of a story, as a contributor to a wider story or an expert commentator on industry issues.

Media Stable experts are industry leaders, they may have owned their business for 10 plus years, and now they have the time to give something back. They want to leave a legacy, and they have experience and knowledge that needs to be passed on.

I believe that one of the great failures from both experts and brands who have a right to be commenting on matters around them is that they don’t write, communicate, or tell their story with an audience in mind. They’re simply creating key messages and ‘staying safe’ when it comes to their comms.

These are often vanilla, lack impact or meaning, and the content has often been contorted by internal spin machines, so in the end they’re not really saying anything or connecting with anyone.

Unfortunately, corporate Australia doesn’t encourage true leadership because every message and communication is controlled.

The message to all brands and leaders of business is that you need to trust your gut, and your instinct to write from the heart. This is the content that works and will have an impact on your target audience. It is brave? Yes, but it’s also about being true to your brand.

Human storytelling and media aren’tt a difficult algorithm. It must be up close and personal, real, authentic, relevant, and make the audience feel something. If there’s no emotion, that content ends up in the bin.

This isn’t to say we want you to sensationalise, become click-bait, or create misleading content just get clicks or eyeballs. Every brand should be aiming for measured, structured and deliberate storytelling with a call-to-action that will lead to a result. Of course, every business has different goals, but connecting with your audience should always be top of mind.

The simple fact is…when we understand audience, we understand media.

You will always have far greater success with content designed with an audience in mind that’s not about your bottom-line, sales figures or pushing a product.

Go in with the attitude to inform, educate, empower, or entertain.

That’s the secret right there. And it’s what encourages all our experts to deliver to the media.

Always keep that in mind and you’ll soon become invaluable to the media for the expert opinions you deliver.

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