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Why Podcasts are the New “Wireless”

Why podcasts are the New “Wireless”

By Claudia Conley, Talent Acquisition, Media Stable.


One of my fondest childhood memories is sitting back at my Nanna’s house, having a cup of tea and having her say “put on the wireless dear.”

It seems like years since anyone has mentioned “the wireless,” except for my dad who won’t miss a Gardening Talkback show. Whilst everything nowadays is becoming wireless – our internet, our speakers, our headphones – the OG radio wireless appears to be on its last waves.

But where the wireless has dropped off the shelves, podcasts and their apps are filling up our phones. Podcasts allow listeners to tune into their favourite, tailored radio stations or themes and listen to in-depth conversations on their topic of choice. Very popular amongst commuters on the 9-5 grind who are sick of listening to yet another Dire Straits or (god forbid) Taylor Swift album, podcasts allow their listeners to tune in and tap out as they please, never missing a segment or a guest appearance.

Here in lies one of the media’s strengths – its ability to adapt. Radio recognised the shift in viewers’ listening habits and so podcasts were created to suit a more mobile audience. Much like the rise of audio books, podcasts represent a society on the move, wanting to stay informed and up to date but without the time to sit and listen. Thanks to smart phones you can listen to your favourite topics of discussion, any time, anywhere.

Like a library, podcasts are available on almost any subject – US Foreign Policy, cooking, millennial drama – you’ve got it all available at the tips of your fingers. Given the wide variety of podcasts, they are great for experts from all fields to appear as guests and give comment. They’re also great if you’re struggling for inspiration for content – listen to a podcast in your area and be inspired to write in retaliation or support.

Despite the rise of podcasts and the drop in use of the wireless, radio hasn’t lost its audience. We’re a country of travellers, with more people hopping in the car and putting on talkback than ever before. Whilst my nanna’s beloved wireless might be on the way out, the radio and podcasts are here to stay. In this case, podcasts didn’t kill the radio star.

Have you had a chance to listen to Media Stable’s own “The Experts Podcast?” Our vivacious Managing Director, Nic Hayes, sits our experts down for a 10-min chat around their media engagement and of course, area of expertise. Let us know if you’re ready for a chat in the studio.

If you’re wanting to get stuck into podcasts and don’t know where to start, here are my top 6:

  1. Stuff You Should Know
  2. Pod Save America
  3. Pretty For An Aboriginal
  4. The Political Wrap – ABC
  5. Brand Newsroom
  6. The Experts Podcast (of course!)

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