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Why loving your job is the best thing you can do for your career

Let me ask you an important question? Do you love your job, or do you just kinda like it… and it’ll do until something else comes along?

There’s a big difference between treading water in a role and loving what you do every day, and it’s not something we often dwell on because: bills to pay, mortgage to service and then before you know it 10 years has flown by. But, if you love what you do, you’ll be energised and inspired by your job every day and it’ll feed into every other area of your life. Trust me on this.

But just like dating, sometimes it takes some time to find ‘the one’… lord knows it did for me.

So why does being a Media Engagement Manager at Media Stable fit me like a glove? Well, firstly it lets me create content every day and tell stories about passionate people, their businesses, and their ideas. Secondly as a former print journalist it also lets me speak fluent journo to the media by pitching stories, and it allows me to immerse myself in lifestyle media, which I absolutely love.

I can’t claim to know that much about sport or politics, but if there’s a new serum on the market, a new fashion or fitness trend everyone’s talking about, or some salacious celeb gossip doing the rounds, then I’m your girl!

When I first started as a print journo, I quickly made my way to the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle pages, I’ve always loved the tangibility and glossiness of magazines. Dolly magazine was the pinnacle of cool in my teen years and when I spread my wings as a journo, I spent time in London and Sydney freelancing for a bunch of mags. It was a good time.

Anyone who’s worked with or around media people also knows that we’re a certain type… lovable rogues who know a little bit about a lot of things and often compete for the lead. And it’s no different at Media Stable, where I’m surrounded by some of the sharpest, wittiest, and most talented media minds in the country, who I Iearn from every day. Lucky me.

And that’s my other point about loving your job, when you love your job, you have a voracious appetite to learn. At Media Stable we learn something from our experts every day, and that’s a huge part of why the job is so rewarding.

I say lucky are the ones that can play to their strengths in their chosen jobs and clever are the bosses and managers who choose to recognise their true talents and let them.

Because without a doubt, the best thing you can for your career is to be passionate about it.

By Beverly Ligman

Media Engagement Manager at Media Stable

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