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Why didn’t the media call me?

Every Tuesday this month I’ve hosted a group of 5-6 experts who are registered with Media Stable for a session on best practice communication with the media. It’s a pilot program Media Stable is looking to introduce across the country, to get a support network going for those that are trying to establish authority and a standing within the media.

Over the last three sessions some common themes have emerged for all experts, which will be topics for another day. But one really interesting scenario and question that pops up regularly, was again expressed yesterday.

“I was reading the paper on the weekend and a story from my sector and in my field of expertise caught my eye. The expert they were getting quotes from is not a leader in this space. The article lost credibility because the person quoted was not the right expert. Why didn’t the media contact me?”

This is a fundamental question all experts and authorities in industry and business ask themselves regularly and it is simply answered with one of the following responses.

“The media doesn’t know who you are.”

“The expert quoted has a relationship with the media and is known.”

“The expert quoted has a better communications team and support than you.”

“The expert quoted consistently provides content for the media to work with.”

“The expert quoted has put themselves out there, made an effort, wants to engage media.”

There are many more reasons why you won’t be quoted in media and why your competitors will. If there is a desire to be a part of the conversation, to have your opinion heard and to get your expertise acknowledged, there is now a means to make it happen.

On Tuesday October 25th, Media Stable’s annual #MeetTheMedia forum will take place in Melbourne, where experts, business owners and those looking to establish authority will come together, to do just that. Representatives from some of Australia’s most recognized national and local media outlets will be giving their insights into how the media works today. The panel of media professionals will help those attending to understand the pressures, the limitations and the expectations from those that are looking to break new ground in the media sphere.

And importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to sit down with them and workshop your pitch, your offering and your point of difference with the media. This is your chance for a few moments face to face with the decision-makers you’re looking to build a relationship with. This is the key to opening the door of opportunity with media. The chance to make a personal connection in this very busy and loud world, is crucial to forming that media relationship.

It is a lot harder for media to ignore you or say no, if they know you or have met you. It’s not to say every pitch will succeed, but like all human beings, when you have made a real connection the walls and barriers are more easily broken down.

Media Stable’s #MeetTheMedia forum will be doing its annual run around Sydney, Perth and Brisbane in March next year but Melbourne is worth going if you want to crack one of the biggest media markets. The best will be there, will you?

To book tickets to #MeetTheMedia Melbourne for October 25th, 2016 click here.

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