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Who should go to #MeetTheMedia?

The breadth of experience, expertise, and seniority, from a diverse number of industries attending #MeetTheMedia, amazes me. Now in its sixth year, the quality of media that attend the event also continues to raise the bar. There is simply no other event like it.

There are seven typical personas that should attend, regardless of experience or knowledge of communications.

Business Owners – these could be the most desired talent media are looking to engage. The business owner is the spokesperson of the business with the potential to be a leading voice of their industry. Media love talking to business owners.

Leaders of Industry – these are the people that are known within their fields but aren’t necessarily well known externally. It’s critical for these leaders to make themselves known to media.

Public Relations – anyone in this space should attend #MeetTheMedia, even if it’s just for professional development. The media has changed dramatically over the last three years, so this is a chance to meet face-to-face with the media they are trying to communicate with.

Senior Management – if you’re in professional services or the head of your department, you might find yourself having to front the media. Understanding how the media works and how to effectively communicate with them to get your key points across is critical.

Not-For-Profits – it’s essential for NFPs to be in attendance. Communications and media play such an important role in the ongoing success of a charity. While not having the biggest budgets, spending a little to make a huge impact is a calculated and clever move. #MeetTheMedia delivers maximum value in making connections and fostering relationships.

Speakers – never have speakers needed more help in raising their profiles, particularly around their keynote topic. While the industry suffered at the start of the pandemic, events and attendance numbers are rising rapidly. It’s time to get known in the media again.

Academics – there’s a pool of academics that do extremely well in the media but there are many that are underrepresented, and some who aren’t putting themselves forward at all. #MeetTheMedia gives academics the chance to understand the media cycle and where their expertise fits.

If you’re serious about becoming a spokesperson or the ‘go-to’ person in your area of expertise, you really need to make the effort to meet the media. When you understand what’s going on in the media cycle, you’re set up to communicate with it more effectively.

See you at #MeetTheMedia.

Nic Hayes, Managing Director, Media Stable

Perth – Wednesday 1st September 2021 @ AIM WA (8.30am to 1pm)  Book Tickets Here  

Melbourne – Tuesday 7th September 2021 @ The Park (8.30am to 1pm) Book Tickets Here

Sydney – Thursday 9th September 2021 @ Rydges World Square (8.30am to 1pm) Book Tickets Here

Adelaide – Tuesday 14th September 2021 @ Adelaide Oval (8.30am to 1pm) Book Tickets Here

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