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What is Media Stable? The top five things you need to know.

Who is Media Stable?  The top five things you need to know.

I have a couple of very good friends that have known me for over half my life, yet they still have no idea what Media Stable is all about. We joke and banter like only your best mates can, but in all seriousness, they have few clues of what I do.

If my closest friends don’t know what Media Stable does, how many others don’t have an understanding of what we are about?

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked, and the answers in the traditional Media Stable brief format.

Q:  Does Media Stable take on anyone as an expert?

A:  No. You must want to be in the media, be a skilled communicator and be willing to devote the time to engage media. You are vetted and checked for your qualifications and experience and ability.

Q:  Is Media Stable an alternative to a PR?

A:  Media Stable is a platform that can support PR, and at the same time can be the tool for business owner that doesn’t have a PR budget. So yes, we can work as an alternative to a PR.

Q:  What’s the best Media Stable profile for me?

A:  That depends on your goals, your skillset, your timeframe, your budget and your areas of expertise. The Registry, Expert, Premium and the new Media Personal Assistant (MPA), are Media Stable profile packages designed for experts from the solopreneur to the CEO of a listed company.

Q:  What’s the time commitment to be a Media Stable expert?

A:  You get out of your profile what you put in – however, as little as 30 minutes a month is the minimum we expect from you. At the other end of the spectrum, an MPA can spend up to 15- 25 hours a month with an expert to gain the desired traction. The platform is designed to work with the time that you have available.

Q:  What’s the Media Stable point of difference?

A:  Media Stable is all about empowering and educating executives and business owners to be successful in media. There is no smoke and mirrors – our approach is all very transparent, and one that is built on relationships – something that can easily get lost in the digital world of today.

These are just some of the most common questions we get asked – but if you’ve got more, or if you are an expert who’s looking to be in the media, then reach out to us and we will make you a known expert.

Nic Hayes is the Managing Director of Media Stable.

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