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What does media training cover?

So you’re thinking about doing some media training? Maybe you’ve decided to invest in professional media engagement, or maybe you want to DIY your own media? Either way, media training is one of the smartest investments you will make in terms of building your brand awareness and communication skills. But not all media training programs are created equal. Here’s what you need to know about the standard media training programs out there, and why the Expert Registry program delivers something a bit different.

Standard media training programs should include topics such as how to prepare for a live television or radio interview, presentation skills such as speaking to camera, verbal and non verbal communication techniques, and a broad overview of how the media works in Australia.

Good media training programs cover the above basics, as well as things to consider when creating content for media, insights around what is considered ‘newsworthy’ and how to nurture your media relationships once you have them.

We found, however, that there were big gaps between what media training programs provided, and what aspiring or current experts really needed to know. They need to know not just how to get one or two media engagements, but to be successful in the media long term, as well as being able to leverage their media success back into their businesses. They need to know how to write a great piece of media-ready content, and how to be able to pitch that content to a TV or radio producer, or print journalist. Very few media training programs also provided training on how traditional media and social media work together, and how experts need to be able to traverse both landscapes to be able to create engagement and awareness with their audiences. Finally, we found that those that were providing online media training or PR courses weren’t giving their members the ability to get advice tailored for their business – something that was very important to us as we’ve been on the journey our members have been on.

The Expert Registry programs include everything a good media training program should include, plus much more. Our aim is to provide our members with all the tools, knowledge and support they need to be able to embark confidently on their own media journeys, whether that be with a PR company, or forging relationships with journalists themselves. We know that it’s not just about getting the TV or radio interview – it’s about using your media engagement as a powerful piece in your overall business strategy. We know that considering your brand positioning, key messages and personal brand strategy all come into play – and Expert Registry is here to help.

To find out more about the Expert Registry programs, head to the website or do the media quiz to find out how media-ready you are.

Written by Lanna Hill, Managing Director, Expert Registry.

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