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To podcast or not to podcast… that is the question.

To podcast or not to podcast… that is the question

Shakespeare’s Hamlet would have given the response “What is a podcast?” Today, many more would be asking “Who is Shakespeare?!”

Podcasting isn’t new and yet there’s still a sense that it hasn’t quite joined the ranks of mainstream media. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Podcasts globally, and particularly in Australia, are reaching audiences in mass numbers because they’re available on-demand and because the medium covers niche topics that previously wouldn’t have had a platform. But there’s a huge disparity between good podcasts and those that are complete time wasters.

Some interesting Australian statistics around podcasts that you may or might not be aware of:

  • In 2019, over 1.6 million Australians downloaded a podcast over an average of four weeks.
  • Australians have overtaken Americans in podcasting awareness.
  • Podcast listening in Australia has increased 15% since the global pandemic was declared.
  • Weekly podcast listeners in Australia listened to six podcasts per week on average.
  • Smartphones and tablets were the devices used most often to listen to podcasts – with 85% listening this way versus 11% using a computer.

So, the big question that both personal and business brands need to be asking is; do I put together a podcast and if so, what might that podcast look like?

Here’s a quickfire checklist to help you identify if this medium is right for you.

  1. Do I have a podcast strategy and plan? Who is my audience? Do they listen to podcasts? What is my business reason for doing a podcast? To gain customers? Build reputation? Increase profile and educate? These are just a few of the factors you want to consider.
  2. Find your point of difference. What will make my podcast different to all the other podcasts in my genre? There’s no point in just reproducing the “same old, same old”.
  3. Quality is crucial. The quality of the content, sound recording, and format needs to be at a professional mainstream media standard. Do you have the right equipment or access to a professional podcasting studio? Poor audio recording and production values or topics that don’t hit the mark, can see your podcast shunned by its desired audience.
  4. Do I have the patience and time to do this? Preparing and executing a polished podcast takes more time than you think. Consider the following: research, interview subjects, topic points, recording, editing, publishing, and marketing.
  5. Consistency is important. You should deliver your podcast on a schedule and set it in stone. Publish it at the same time, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly. Make sure that you’re consistent and therefore respectful of your audience.
  6. Your podcast is a product, and you should be looking to attract new listeners and build an audience for it. This takes energy, money, and know-how. Be prepared to get some help and support if this isn’t your strength.

Some other factors you should keep in mind are: Am I going to be a good host or broadcaster? What am I going to talk about? What have I got to deliver that will be interesting?

Consider the six check points above before you commit to podcasting.

Nic Hayes is the Managing Director of Media Stable and co-host of The Experts Podcast

Contact us if you’d like more information about Media Stable’s Perth Podcasting studio hire.

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