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Tips on how to look good on-air on zoom

Tips on how to look good on-air on zoom

Correct eye line

Raise the laptop so your camera is at, or just below eye level. Too low you get a double chin, too high people see up your nose.




Put your laptop on a stack of books or a box. Make sure it’s a solid foundation as even the smallest wobble will look like an earthquake has struck.




Move back

Sit at arm’s length from the camera otherwise the wide-angle lens will distort your features.






Make eye contact

Look at the camera lens not what’s on your screen. It feels a bit weird, as though you’re not looking at them, but you are!





Basic lighting

You are the subject, so light yourself from the front. This will help viewers focus on what you’re saying.

Place a lamp behind your camera and in line with your face. If the light is too harsh, move it further away or use a lamp with a neutral colour lampshade.



Avoid downlights

Ceiling mounted downlights cast terrible shadows under the eyes, nose, and chin. Move from under them or switch them off.





Use daylight

Natural daylight has the best quality. Sit close to and facing a window but avoid direct sunlight.





Declutter the background

Remember, you are the focus, so remove bright lights and other distractions including anything that moves. Also avoid plain white walls.




Enhance the background

Not always necessary, but if you have a second lamp, light the background. It creates separation and depth making you appear 3D.




Dress for Zoom

Business up top expresses authority and credibility, regardless of what’s below.





Final check

Give yourself a few minutes before the interview begins to look at your image on the screen. Is the lighting good? Are their nasty shadows on your face? Is there a houseplant growing out of your head? Look at what the viewer will see, not just at how good looking you are!




By Phil Sylvester, General Manager NSW, Media Stable.

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