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Three things you need to do to be successful in media

Only last Thursday, I was presenting a pre-event workshop to 32 attendees of next week’s #MeetTheMedia in Perth, when I forgot one of the three key elements of being successful in media.

It wasn’t because I haven’t said it almost every day that I’ve been working as a connector of experts and media in this country. It sincerely rolls off the tongue like it’s second nature to me because it’s what I believe in. How then did I go blank as to what one of the three key elements is to be successful in media?

How did I miss what I’ve preached for the last seven years when talking to these 32 businesses and brands? I missed it because I was living that element in my presentation and workshop that the third element represents.

The three elements of being successful in media:

  1. Be good at it – if you’re going to be a media expert you better be the best you possibly can be. Every time you do a radio, television, print or online interview, you want to be the best you can possibly be. That includes delivery, messaging, calls-to-action, presentation, having an opinion and having a position.
  2. Be available – one of the greatest frustrations for media is to identify the expert resource but not be able to gain access to them. It’s crucial to make sure that when you put content and opinions out there – you make yourself available. Don’t upset or let down those that are looking to amplify your expertise and content.  And the third element that I failed to recall – there was a very good reason for this:
  3. Want to do it – this might seem unusual but there are many experts and commentators that don’t really want to be in the media spotlight or want to be a leader of their industry. This is an important driver behind being successful in media as the personal desire of the individual is equal to that of the brand. Media wants to engage individuals not brands.

The reason I missed and couldn’t for the life of me remember this element of my daily mantra was because I was already talking to 32 individuals that wanted to do it. The attendees at the workshop were learning how to be the best communicators they possibly could be.

They wanted to do it. And that may be the most important element of media success. Being good at it can be learned, being available can be arranged, but wanting to do it is a personal attitude that cannot be learned or arranged.

Get these three things right and you will be successful in media.

Nic Hayes is the Managing Director of Media Stable, #MeetTheMedia MC and a Media Commentator.

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