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The media can be mysterious for people who aren’t in it. Want to know how to get your story told in Australia’s leading TV, radio and print/digital media? Here’s the tops tips Media Stable has collected from our friends at leading Aussie media, including Network Ten, Southern Cross Austereo, Seven West Media and Channel Nine.

  • Consider the audience and consider the format – so at the very least you know who it is you’re pitching to. If you cater a pitch to a specific program, you’re much more likely to get it picked up. Also, don’t pitch things you know you have no chance of being taken up – it only wastes everyone’s time.
  • The story needs to be newsworthy. It must appeal to a broad audience and not a narrow niche. It must suit the media you’re pitching to – tv, radio, print. All communication with newsrooms needs to be accurate, well written, brief, yet still include all the information we would need to know in order to escalate the potential story. Contact details are a must. Do not switch your phone off or be unreachable the day you pitch a story.
  • Keep your pitch short and sweet – and really think about what would make the average person sit up and take notice.
  • Make it easy – for news provide audio if possible. Be organised, don’t expect us to fit something in at the last minute.
  • Send an email and keep it brief. Follow up with a phone call no earlier than 24 hours later.
  • The last tip is from Media Stable – come to #MeetTheMedia where you’ll get practical, tangible and useful advice from Australia’s leading media on what they want, and how they want it.

Written and compiled by Media Stable’s Media Engagement Manager Emily Morgan.

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