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The Experts Podcast is back!

When choosing a guest to kick-off our new series of The Experts Podcast, we couldn’t go past Professor Gary Martin from AIM WA.

Gary is someone that many experts and leaders of business look up to. It is very rare that you get a leader of industry and business that not only gets what media does for his personal and business brand but also knows how to produce and self-publish content. Gary is prolific across all media and he gives an insight into how he does it, what it takes and what he gets from it.

Lanna and Nic really enjoyed having a chat with the man that is known nationally as the go-to “workplace culture expert”, a tagline that works very well for his personal brand but more importantly for the brand that he leads, The Australian Institute of Management WA.

You can find Gary on Linkedin here: www.linkedin.com/in/professorgarymartin

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