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Stop sending pointless media releases

This headline alone will get an ‘amen’ from the majority of media that have spent a good part of the day deleting irrelevant, ill-targeted, poorly written or just non-news announcements, delivered to their inbox.

In a 2017 survey of Australia’s media, 92% of producers, newsrooms and journalists said they were less likely to look at or view a press release from someone that they don’t know.

The facts are that large, medium, small and micro businesses are throwing away money every time they send media and press releases. You might have the email address of your target media, but do you have the relationship you need to cut through?

You have to ask the same questions of the PR or communications people representing your business – do they have the media contacts that you want?

Media is about relationships, it’s about connection and it is about trust. To get the media you want, you need to first create credibility with your target media. Value and consistency is what all good media outlets are looking for when they are delivered content and yarns. If you can shape, frame and pitch the story the way the media wants it, then you are going to go places.

Here’s five ways to increase the chances of your story being picked up.
1. Don’t use a press release distribution company and think you have done your job.
2. Seek support and advice from a connected and influential media advisor.
3. Write the yarn or content for three media targets, not for three hundred contacts.
4. Always write your story with the audience of your target media in mind.
5. Make it exclusive if you can – pitch to one outlet at a time.

The discipline of writing a successful media release is not completely lost but the delivery of it is critical and where the process is often messed up.

Keep your yarn short, sharp and to the point. Get it under 100 words and remember – if you wouldn’t want to find out more about what you have just written then why would media want to know more?

Nic Hayes is the Managing Director of Media Stable – Australia’s largest expert and media directory.

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