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Six podcasting rules for success

Podcasting has become such a big part of the media landscape that it might be time to consider producing your own.

But before you do, consider what it takes to make a really good podcast. The rules aren’t too dissimilar to that of broadcasting in that they always put the audience or listener first. Having a “what’s in it for the listener?” mindset will help you deliver the very best podcast, that will be an asset to the audience.

Here are my six rules of podcasting for success.

  • Never compromise on QUALITY. Quality of sound, quality of guest, quality of content, quality of structure and production values. Listen back to your podcast and make a genuine call – is it broadcast quality? If not, don’t release it until it’s right.
  • CONSISTENCY – is paramount for the success of any podcast. If you set the release of your podcast daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly make sure you deliver to that schedule. And deliver it at the same time, every time. Podcasting is appointment media and you will annoy listeners if you are inconsistent with episode frequency and release times.
  • PERSISTENCE – It will take time for your podcast to gain audience, relevance, impact, and a position in the podcasting world. Start with the intention of doing at least 14 episodes. (50 per cent of podcasts won’t make it to episode 7, another 50 per cent of that won’t make it to episode 14.)
  • UNIQUE – you want to try to forget about every podcast you have listened to and just be yourself. There are too many copycats and wannabes out there. Deliver something unique that will stand out from the crowd, and make it your own.
  • CONFIDENCE – this isn’t so much a rule, as a behaviour. You need to deliver your podcast with energy and authority. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, some radio media training will help to boost your confidence.
  • RESPECT – respect for the audience, guests, and yourself. Everyone plays an important role in the success of a podcast, so be mindful of everyone’s time, position, and point of view.

I learnt these lessons after five years of podcasting every week. If you abide by these from the beginning, it should hold you in good stead to be successful.

If you are keen to listen to a podcast that you can both learn from and be entertained by, check out #TheExpertsPodcast by Lanna Hill and Nic Hayes.

Nic Hayes is the managing Director of Media Stable and a co-host of The Experts Podcast.

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