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Six great Media Stable resources

Whether you are a member of Media Stable or not, the following FREE resources will help to get your head around working and dealing with the media.

When Media Stable was launched one of the goals was to educate and inform those looking to engage media, to do away with the smoke and mirrors, and to enable experts and leaders of industry to take some form of control back when connecting with print, radio, television and online media. Media Stable’s national event #MeetTheMedia launched five years ago (recently in a digital format due to COVID-19 restrictions) is an empowering educational platform for both experts and media to learn from each other.

Here are some fantastic tools I would encourage you to explore.  These six resources will assist you to make an impact in media:

  1. BLOG – The Media Stable blog is a wealth of knowledge and tips that you can take in at any time. Written by our experienced team, this is a great reference point for all involved in media.
  2. PODCAST – The experts podcast is where Nic and Lanna get up close and personal with successful media and experts. Understand what makes them tick, why and how they do it. It’s also a lot of fun and a great listen.
  3. MEDIA TRAINING – Media Stable has identified some of the best media trainers in the country and they are all here for you to shop around and find a media trainer that fits you, your industry and needs.
  4. #MeetTheMedia – Our flagship event now in it’s fifth year, this is where we introduce the very best and influential media to our experts. Whether in person or via the digital platform these events are unique and essential for experts who are looking to form some authentic media connections. More events to be announced soon.
  5. EXPERTS IN THE MEDIA – This is where we showcase our experts’ media appearances.  To get a feel for the experts and the media that Media Stable works with check out this page. The other advantage with this page is that it will give you some ideas and tips on the type of topics you can bring to the table.
  6. VIDEOS – These are short, succinct and will help you focus on making it as an expert in the media.

Preparationhow to get ready for media, writing and preparing content. The pitch, the hooks and the style.

Executionyou have got your media engagement, now it’s time to shine and give your very best performance.

Follow-upThe work you need to put in post a media engagement is just as important as the work you need to do to prepare.

Have these resources handy, binge on them or take some time to consume but take responsibility for your communications future. Get your team up and about by sharing these but make sure you are in the know!

By Nic Hayes, Managing Director, Media Stable.

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