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Scott Taylor – Daily Mail

Body Language, Statement Analysis, Deception Detection & Behaviour Profiling Expert, Security & Risk Specialist

How to tell if someone is lying in seconds: Body language pro spills his secrets – and the ‘red flag’ words to listen for.

A body language and behaviour expert has revealed how to tell if someone is lying to you by looking out for specific, and often subtle, signs.

Scott Taylor said there are a number of facial cues that may indicate a person is not being truthful including ‘blink spiking’, touching their face, flushed cheeks and unusual eye movements.

The 51-year-old added there are also a number of giveaways in the language people use that could hint they’re fibbing, such as using expanded contractions and assuming language.

Scott has trained with the head of the FBI and the lead interrogator at Guantanamo Bay learning about ‘body language, facial micro-expressions, deception detection, influential behaviours and statement and word analysis’ and has worked in safety, security and risk for almost 30 years.

He told FEMAIL that while each ‘subconscious’ sign may not individually be an indication someone is lying, a combination of several is something to look out for….