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Sarah Rusbatch – 2GB

Grey Area Drinking Coach

The link between alcohol and mental health.

With October being Mental Health Month, Bill Woods speaks with Sarah Rusbatch, Grey Area Drinking Coach, who believes it’s important we acknowledge more openly the link between alcohol and mental health conditions, naming it as the cause rather than the remedy.

“When we drink our brain releases more of the stress hormone cortisol to counterbalance the impact of the alcohol, which then leads to increased feelings of stress and anxiety,” says Ms Rusbatch.

“While many people are using alcohol to manage feelings of stress and anxiety, they unfortunately aren’t aware that they are actually exacerbating them.

Drinking too much alcohol can be directly linked to a decreased sense of wellbeing and to depression.”

Sarah is calling for more information to be shared on the link between alcohol and the negative effects it can have on mental health.