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On the front line of the local Australian and international media scene for decades, Sandy Kaye knows what audiences want. Having worked with many of the world's leading industry professionals and with global experience in providing state-of-the-art, interactive, custom designed communications training programs, Sandy brings her wealth of experience to provide a fresh, energetic professional approach matched to your desired outcome.

We take pride in generating authenticity and not creating parrots with our training. We don’t want observers to see that our trainees have been trained but rather to notice how passionate and engaging they are. If our work is effective it should deliver natural performance and appear largely seamless.

Our programs are practical and include the following elements;

Basic media theory – overview of media, how it works, what they want, how you can give them what they want and deliver your message to a wider audience; reception theory
Key messages – designing relevant messages, message structure, cut through techniques; message delivery.
Surprises and crises
Basic interviewing practice - each participant will conduct a number of print and radio interviews and the group will review and improve performance.
Media conferences - do’s don’ts and winning formulas

All programs are customised to encompass issues directly relevant to your organisation and we develop real life scenarios directly relevant to your work. All trainees receive a copy of their own performance for the purposes of review and further rehearsal as well as a brief list of helpful tips and handy reminders in preparation for future media engagements.

Where possible we prefer to work with real issues involving our clients as we work closely with them to understand and translate their corporate philosophy into a coherent narrative and a set of accessible messages that will help them set their own agenda in dealing with the media.

Tailored for leaders, management or front line staff, each program will:

inspire confidence
enhance your overall presence
sharpen your listening skills
ensure control of your message
understand your audience
Sessions are interactive , entertaining and designed to engage all participants.

We ensure you are ready to deliver when it matters most


Sandy Kaye has a track record spanning over 35 years in the communications industry.

Her varied career has seen her work in both radio and television as a presenter, reporter, newsreader, researcher, writer, producer, commentator and publicist, moving easily between hard news, current affairs, talkback, lifestyle and variety. Early in her career her voice was heard on Australia’s prestigious international broadcaster, Radio Australia. Later she became Sydney’s first female radio newsreader. She also hosted her own highly successful on-air talk-back program on Melbourne radio for several years.

Sandy writes, presents, produces and researches programs for many US and UK television series and specials. She can also be heard as the voice on many corporate productions throughout Australia and the US.
While working on-air and behind the scenes at several major Australian television and radio networks, Sandy received government certification to become an accredited trainer.

Trainees from the corporate world in Australia, South East Asia and the US as well as media, government and the non-profit sectors have flocked to experience her dynamic training style and wisdom.
Sandy is a passionate trainer no matter if she is preparing participant for public speaking roles or news media engagements.

She is highly accomplished at getting to the crux of all kinds of businesses and as such is an invaluable aid when it comes to defining and evaluating messaging.
Sandy also possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations which has enabled her to offer additional support to business leaders, elected officials and companies of all sizes in relation to their on-going communication strategies and crisis prevention tactics.

Media training services offered:

  • Print
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Online
  • Presentation
  • Editorial



Reviews and Recommendations:

"Sandy knew exactly what we needed and tailored the training at exactly the right pitch to build capacity with each team member. Demonstrating excellent real-life media experience and a brilliant grasp of how to get a cut through media message across, her style, nature and professionalism were outstanding."
Travis Dowling, Executive Director Fisheries Victoria

"Sandy designed and implemented a training program to meet our specific needs aimed at providing my senior leadership team with the knowledge and skills to represent ourselves effectively while under pressure and
intense scrutiny from the outside world via the media spotlight. Sandy delivers first class media skills and crisis training for any organisation or person dealing with media."
Erik Weston, General Manager. North West Shelf Shipping Service Company

"Malaysian Armed Forces Defence College highly valued the training as it enriched course participants with new skills and knowledge. Both Mr Craig and Ms Kaye have delivered a well planned and stimulating training programme that exceeded the desired training outcomes. Feedback received from course participants also indicated their satisfaction with the programme structure and contents and the groups highly appreciated the demeanour of both trainers."
Wan Amin Hafiz, Colonel RMAF Deputy Commandant Malaysia

"Expect thoughtful and creative advice on communication strategy and messaging. Sandy has an uncanny ability to get her head around often complicated business modules and to translate ideas and angles for media consumption."
Wai Lin Tan, Huntsman Corporation