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Nicole Jameson – Dynamic Business

Digital Strategist | Director of Dark Horse Agency | CEO of The Social Kit

The insider’s guide for budget-conscious marketers

Nicole Jameson, Director of Dark Horse Agency

“It’s 2024, and this year’s key marketing trend is still ‘all things digital’…but what specifically? As a business, there’s a few tweaks you can make this year to stand out from the crowd. My top tips to navigate 2024’s marketing mayhem are:

  • Hyper-personalisation: Generic content just doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to be talking to your exact people with specific content. This will impact the small franchises the most – especially those with a head office that insists on ‘whole of country’ marketing.
  • Video: Is it new? No, has is changed slightly? Yes. Longer form content on TikTok is having its time in the sun and we are seeing a resurgence of landscape style. The most important tip? It’s time to show your face, who you are what you stand for.
  • Go multi-channel: It’s not that hard to be on four, five or even six platforms now. Cut and paste your content and see which one works for you. Time to leave the safety of your Facebook and Instagram. In 2024 embrace TikTok, YouTube and a newbie to Australia soon, Lemon8.”